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About Queensland Minerals

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Queensland Minerals is an Australian based developer of mineral resources. The focus of the company is to develop mineral assets of economic grade to production, providing investors with rapid return on investment.

The company will begin a new work program in Q2 2020, with a view to evaluate the potential of the exploration areas held.

Bear Hill Mining, whose directors are on the board of Queensland Minerals have brought a range of additional mineral assets and licenses to the company for co-development. Bear Hill Mining is a 22% shareholder in Queensland Minerals.

View a Video on the formation of the IRGS Gold System

Visual Modelling

From 1999 it has been shown that the formation of mineral occurences can be modelled using the "Intrusive Related Gold System" (IRGS) model. Multiple geological events have shaped the area, from vertical intrusions showing gold dispersed over a wide distance in both stratiform and epithermal fracturing.

The company believes that many of our project areas are subject to a deeper source that have remained unidentified for the past century.

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Opportunities now exist for Environmental Officer, Facilities Maintenance and Project Team Leader.